IISE 2023: 75 years & counting

#IISE75 – Blazing a trail of champions from 1948 forward

“In 2023, we’re commemorating 75 years and counting as we march toward a century of Institute members solving the complex and critical problems of the world in healthcare settings, manufacturing plants, entertainment venues and warehouse facilities, to name a few. Our process improvement knowledge applied to any workplace is essential to growth and efficient operations that can save lives and improve bottom lines.

“Together through IISE, we will continue to make a difference, share research, build friendships and expand our skill sets as technology drives us forward.

“Cheers and happy birthday, IISE!”

— Don Greene, CAE, Fellow and CEO of IISE |“IISE in 2023: 75 years and counting” | ISE magazine, January 2023

Why is Sept. 14 a special day in IISE's history? Leaders share experiences with industrial engineering institute on its 75th anniversary

Share your experiences

You are a part of IISE’s continuing story. Your experiences have contributed to the Institute’s phenomenal journey and will help shape the future of the organization and the profession. Get involved by sharing your memories, thoughts, photos and achievements by answering these questions. Be as brief as you’d like and submit any high-quality photo(s) with your responses (headshot, memory photo from an IISE event, chapter outing, etc.). Your input may be published on IISE’s website and/or highlighted in IISE communications. Thank you for participating in this important event in IISE’s history.

Celebration at HQ: Banner for #IISE75 unveiledCelebration at HQ: Banner for #IISE75 unveiled

IISE CEO Don Greene and COO Donna Calvert pose with a photo of the IISE 75th anniversary banner.

Pictured on the banner are, from top left: Wyllys G. Stanton, who founded the American Institute of Industrial Engineers (AIIE) in a meeting of 11 other men at his Columbus, Ohio, home, Jan. 12, 1948 (the Institute was officially incorporated on Sept. 14, 1948); a group photo of AIIE staff in 1956; the third edition cover of The Journal of Industrial Engineering published in 1949 by AIIE; a mangle used to press water and materials between rollers, which was credited to helping preserve AIIE records after a 1952 fire at headquarters; Eldon Rainey, first president of the Institute from 1948-49; and an AIIE patch.

The bottom row reflects the Institute’s present and future and features, from left, Amanda Mewborn, IISE immediate past president; Eileen Van Aken, IISE president; and Victoria Jordan, IISE president-elect. For the first time in the Institute’s 75-year history, women hold all three executive officer positions

75th ISE magazine highlights with IISE timeline:

Marking 75 years of 'the people engineers'

Celebrate year-round ...

We continue to celebrate IISE’s rich history with throwback moments, timeline, your stories, snapshots and more. Look for continuing coverage in the ISE magazine and on social media.

Board of Trustees: The Difference That IISE Membership Can Make

This video features leaders from the IISE Board of Trustees as they discuss their experiences throughout many years of IISE membership as the Institute marks its 75th anniversary in 2023. They talk about opportunities in industrial and systems engineering they’ve discovered through networking, engaging in the ISE community, mentorship and learning from veteran ISEs across all industries. They also talk about the future of the profession and what lies ahead for the next generation of industrial and systems engineers.

IISE Senior Leadership Shares Their Stories

Several past leaders in the history of IISE took time this spring to discuss their fondest memories of the Institute, how they entered leadership roles, the contributions of IISE to the profession, and the rewards of their longevity as members. In this video, you'll hear from David Belden, Deborah Nightingale, John A. White Jr., Leland Blank, and the late William Hammer.