ISE Magazine References

March 2022 (Volume 54, No. 3)

Ergonomic engineering solutions for airport baggage handling
By Ben Zavitz and Ming-Lun Lu

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April 2022 (Volume 54, No. 4)

The genealogy of Quality 4.0
By Jiju Antony, Shreeranga Bhat, Raja Jayaraman, Michael Sony and Ronald Snee

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May 2022 (Volume 54, No. 5)

“Supply chain myths – and why Lean was not the culprit” By Bublu Thakur-Weigold

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June 2022 (Volume 54, No. 6)

Human-computer interface, deep learning and explainable AI
Chang S.Nam, et al

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A systems perspective on diverse teams
Paul Stanfield

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July 2022 (Volume 54, No. 7)

The automotive semiconductor crisis and the way forward
Arnab Banerjee and John Moore (Accessed on 8/12/21)

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Best practice of Lean construction tools in maintenance building projects
Mohsin Al Taie

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