Council on Industrial and Systems Engineering (CISE)

CISE is a dynamic affinity group of thought leaders who value learning, serving, excellence and integrity. Individuals are senior leaders of the industrial and systems engineering (ISE) function (or related functions) in their respective organizations. They are champions of the ISE profession. For optimal sharing to support learning and and growth, members cannot be from competing organizations. Moreover, the group is limited to 22 members to ensure high quality dialogues, using specific examples of industrial and systems engineering application.

Membership Benefits

  • Global exposure and recognition for you and your organization.
  • Professional development with fellow executive leaders.
  • Access to other companies’ locations, insights on their operations, learnings from their experiences and interactions with other ISE and related functional teams.
  • Access to university staff, student and labs to observe, learn and provide input to ISE and related topics and activities. 
  • An opportunity to demonstrate the importance and value of industrial and systems engineering to those unfamiliar with ISE.
  • Exclusive networking at IISE conferences with a broad group of practicing professionals.
  • The chance to give back to your profession and to the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers.

Membership Qualifications

  • The ranking executives of industrial and systems engineering and/or operational excellence (or other related functions) in their organizations.
  • Extensive management and leadership experience.
  • Demonstrated ability to influence the image and practice of the ISE profession.
  • Active, current IISE members.
  • Able and willing to attend two in-person meetings per year.
  • No conflict of interest or in similar industry as current members. 

Membership Expectations

  • Attend meetings twice per year (once during the IISE Annual Conference & Expo and one other meeting hosted by a member in the fall).
    • Meeting agenda during IISE Annual Conference & Expo (sample list)
    • Meeting agenda during Fall (sample list)
  • Contribute actively and openly during meetings due to the limited membership size and the non-competing nature of our members.
  • Afford the cost of membership (ie. travel, hotel, meeting rooms, meals, etc.) the expense of meetings will be prorated to all members regardless of attendance. In addition to meeting costs, members are invoiced $300 per year ($150 per meeting) to support our CISE Serve ISE/IISE fund. 

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For more information about CISE, contact IISE's executive office.

CISE is the major funder of IISE's Annual Outstanding Capstone Senior Design Award Competition. Initialized in 2019, this award recognizes the great practice work that our ISE seniors do in their capstone senior design projects. The link for this award explains in detail how the award process works. The CISE Serve ISE/IISE Fund aims to so support improving the positioning of IISE in our work and also improving the student to professional member conversion rates.

A CISE member serves as the chair of the Outstanding Capstone Senior Design Competition each year. All ISE departments, globally, are eligible to submit nominated projects. The link to that award has all the details for application and the overall award process.

CISE is joined by a number of ISE departments to fund this award, those ISE department partners are listed in the award link.

All award funds are distributed in the form of student professional membership conversions and conference attendance funding support.

At the IISE Annual Conference & Expo, CISE hosts a leadership mixer and a poster showcase for the top 20 Capstone Projects is the centerpiece to catalyze networking between industry attendees and our students.

Other SERVE activities that CISE leads:

CISE leads the IISE Global Performance Excellence Webinar Series. As thought leaders, one role we felt we could play was to organize a series of best-in-class, well planned, produced and delivered webinars and other video and knowledge sharing collateral/offerings for our profession and professional society.

The Performance Excellence Track for our Annual IISE Conference. CISE has led the development of this track since 2016 and we partner with the Industry Advisory Board and our IISE Young Professionals Group with this initiative. Once again, this is a well organized, planned, developed and produced track of sessions aimed to meet the needs of industry practitioners, students and young professional.

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