Retiree Membership – $86*

Retired Members are recognized upon application once a member has reached 60 years of age, has paid dues for 25 consecutive years, and is fully retired from work. They are entitled to all the benefits of IISE Professional Membership, may vote in IISE elections, and may hold IISE offices. Contact IISE Member and Customer Support to determine your eligibility.

Unlimited Access to Knowledge and Solutions

  • Your membership includes a subscription to ISE, IISE's award-winning magazine.
  • Reduced member pricing for peer-reviewed journals including IISE Transactions.
  • IISE Blogs covering a wide variety of industry topics.
  • IISE Knowledge Center – Thousands of case studies, newsletters, industrial engineering terminology, webinars and archived technical articles to get help with real issues from industry experts.

Networking Opportunities 

  • Conferences and seminars including the IISE Annual Conference at a significant discount.
  • Online member directory to find colleagues and subject matter experts.
  • Online engagement through social media platforms.
  • Join a society or division and connect with peers in your specific industry or discipline.
  • Join a local chapter and meet those who live and work near you.


  • IISE Training Center – special access to discounted training, continuing education and professional development
  • Career Center access
  • Free access to webinars throughout the year

Other Valuable Benefits

  • Significant discounts on IISE training and conferences
  • Voting Rights – All membership levels (except students) may vote in IISE elections
  • Opportunities to hold an IISE leadership office
  • Awards acknowledging technical and professional achievements
  • Volunteer opportunities – Volunteer to work a single day of a conference, take on a three-year commitment to serve on IISE's Board of Trustees, or anything in between. These opportunities broaden your leadership experience and are valuable additions to your resume.

Discounts from third party participants  

  • Auto and home insurance
  • Life, health, accident and dental insurance
  • UPS overnight shipping discount

Leadership Opportunities

IISE is a volunteer-driven association. The Board of Trustees is elected from and by the membership, and provides leadership and guides the direction of the organization. Additional leadership is provided by committees made up of volunteer members. Develop your leadership skills and grow your network even more when you take advantage of IISE's numerous volunteer opportunities:

*All member dues are in U.S. dollars. Dues are for one year and subject to change without notice. First-year members are charged an additional $15 for processing. 

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Working on Your Behalf

Your membership helps support IISE programs that benefit the whole profession:

Elevates the image and prominence of industrial engineers. IISE raises the awareness of the industrial engineering professional through awards recognizing ISE achievements, high-profile events such as National Engineers Week, and campaigns that widely promote industrial engineering.

Ensures the continued value of an industrial engineering degree. IISE ensures the continued value of an industrial engineering degree through ABET accreditation and supports professional engineering licensure with test question evaluation and test preparation classes.

Supports industrial engineering education. Scholarships, technical competitions, educational colloquia and diversity programs help industrial engineering undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students succeed in their chosen career.

Promotes engineering as a career. IISE's partnerships with K-12 school teachers and career counselors are opportunities for the next generation to see their future in engineering.