Lean Six Sigma 2010

Improving Radiology Throughput to Increase Patient and Physician Satisfaction 

Keith Poole, Rhonda Bittner

Standardizing Processes within a Community Healthcare Quality System Utilizing Lean and ISO 9000 Principles 

Jim Levett

Human-centered Systems Engineering

George Samaras

Let My People Grow - The TWI Method in Healthcare 

Mark Graban, Peter Patterson, M.D.

An Innovative Approach to Performance Improvement and Patient Safety 

Danielle Drummond, Elaine Thompson

Special Cause Analysis: A Leader's Tool for Proactive Patient Safety

Jonathan Flanders, Mary Beth Edmond, Beth Shields

Lean Enterprise Transformation and Enterprise Architecture of Health Care Systems 

Deborah Nightingale, Jordan Peck

Using Cost-Effective Methods to Optimize Clinic Access and Satisfaction 

Anne Myers, Danielle Grimmer

Designed to Eliminate Waste: Hospital Design and Layout Using Lean and the Toyota Production System 

Brock Husby

Using Poka-Yoke and Jidoka to Reduce Medical Errors

John Grout, Ph.D.

Moving Patients Out of the Emergency Department: A Lean Project 

Rachna Priya Khatri, Johnie Leonard

Pharmacy Layout Design Based on SIPOC and Functional Handoffs 

Valentine Boving

Developing a High Performance Medical Group 

Robert Matthews

Emergency Department Modified Lean Implementation on a Regional Basis

Danielle Organ, Michael Lozano Jr., M.D., Donna N. Biehl, R.N.

Redesigning Nursing Care Using Lean

Sharon Hickman, Greg Napps

Kaizen Unleashed! Every Aspect, Real World Kaizen, Presented and Taught 

Matt Morrissette, Patti Burchett

Pharmacy Dispensing Medication Error Reduction

Nusha Safabakhsh

Hospital-wide Patient Flow Improvements 

Joseph Swartz

White Collar Lean - Streamlining Processes in Clinical Support Operations 

Joshua Bosire, Tejas Gandhi, Dr. Ninfa Saunders, Gozde Karacaoglu

Using Lean Sigma and Simulation to Improve Facility Utilization and Patient Flow 

Travis Lozier, Rose Popovich, Mark Heithoff

Lessons From the Trenches: Implementation of an Automated Patient Safety System 

Mark Montgomery, M.D., Douglas Dotan, Anngail Smith

Training Within Industry (TWI) in Health Care: Beginning of a Resurgence 

Robert Wrona, Martha Purrier, R.N., Patrick Graupp