Optimizing total joint care

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Inpatient and ancillary services

Kathleen Exline
Director of Neuro and Surgical Services
Deaconess Hospital

Jayne Resek
Senior Director Supply Chain

This presentation will provide an overview of the team approach Deaconess Hospital used to enhance quality while decreasing costs for total joint care. Physician consensus was gained on optimal total joint standards of care including selection of implant. This ultimately resulted in enhanced communication with the medical staff.

Deaconess Hospital chartered a multidisciplinary team to gain physician consensus on optimal total joint standards of care. Results included enhanced quality, decresed overall costs including appropriate joint selection, revenue enhancement as well as overall margin improvement for total joints. The process included gaining an understanding of the physician drivers and integrating them into the solution which ultimately resulted in physician committment and enhanced communication. A dashboard of metrics was established to measure quality, growth, service, and financial results on an ongoing basis.