SHS Advancement: Diplomate Application Process

Diplomate Application Form 

Current Diplomates 


Diplomate status in the society is awarded to recognize professional members for their contributions to the Society for Health Systems and to the healthcare industry. Advancement is not simply to acknowledge years of membership in the society. The emphasis is placed on honoring members who provide substantial service to the society and to the greater healthcare community. Individuals who advance to Diplomate status are leaders within the society, implying not only recognition for past contributions but also the expectation of continuing participation and contributions to the society and the healthcare community.

Policy and Procedure for SHS Advancement
1. Any member wishing to advance to Diplomate status in the SHS should download the Diplomate application form.

2. To submit the advancement application via e-mail, please complete the form with the criteria data and e-mail it as an attachment to

Attach any other supporting documentation to the e-mail. If you cannot submit the application via e-mail, please mail the completed application and supporting documentation to:

SHS Diplomate Application
c/o Kathy Gamboa
3577 Parkway Lane, Suite 200
Norcross, GA 30092

3. The completed advancement application and attachments will be reviewed by a member of the Awards Committee. After review, a recommendation will be provided to the SHS Board of Directors.

4. Applications along with their recommendations will be presented to the SHS Board of Directors. The Board of Directors reserves the right to accept or reject the recommendations of the Awards Committee.

5. If the application is denied, the deficiencies will be noted and corrective action suggested. The applicant will be advised of the nature of the denial. 

6. A letter of congratulations and a certificate will be sent to the approved applicants. Upon request, an additional letter will be sent to the supervisor of the applicant acknowledging the decision of the Board of Directors and the significance of the recognition.

7. Members who advance to Diplomate status will be recognized in the society newsletter and at the next Annual Health Systems Process Improvement Conference.

Appeals Process
Any member whose advancement application has been denied has the right to appeal this decision, in writing, to the SHS President. The president will review this request and present it at the next regularly scheduled board meeting. The board's action will be final. Send your appeal to

Society for Health Systems Advancement Criteria
Note: the specific examples listed in the advancement application are not meant to be exclusive. The Advancement Committee will consider any and all responses, especially regarding the criteria of:

  • Experience and job responsibility
  • Publications and presentations
  • Professional participation
  • Professional development
  • Certification
  • Awards and honors

To advance to Diplomate status you must be a professional member of SHS for a minimum of five consecutive years (This requirement may also be met with four years as a professional member and two years of student membership.). Points must be earned in each of the first six criteria. A minimum of 100 points must be earned to qualify for Diplomate status.