Technical Operations Board

The Technical Operations Board develops policy and provides strategic direction for the effective operation of IISE's societies and divisions. Find the full list of Society and Divisions here.

Contacts | Technical Vice Presidents

Joseph Wilck, SVP Technical Networking 2023 - 2026
Bucknell University

  • Technical Interest Groups - Service Industries, Security Engineering, Process Industries
  • Liaison to Annual Conference
  • Liaison to YP, IOB, and IAB

Fazleena Badurdeen, TVP 2021 - 2024
University of Kentucky

  • BoK Governing Board
  • Manufacturing & Design Division

Isaac Mitchell, TVP 2021 - 2024
DeRoyal Corporate

  • Society of Engineering & Management Systems 
  • Modeling and Simulation Division
  • Work Systems

Omar Ashour, TVP 2022-2025
Penn State Behrend

  • BoK Governing Board
  • Construction Engineering & Management Division
  • Logistics and Supply Chain

Nadiye Erdil, TVP 2022-2025
University of New Haven

  • Applied Ergonomics Society
  • Society for Health Systems
  • Quality Control & Reliability Engineering Division

Julia Abate, TVP 2023 - 2026
The Ergonomics Center NC State University

  • Sustainable Development Division
  • Operations Research Division

Adel Alaeddini, TVP 2023-2026
University of Texas

  • Engineering Economy Division
  • Energy Systems Division

Katie McConky, TVP 2023-2026
Rochester Institute of Technology

  • Data Analytics & Information Systems Division
  • Operational Excellence Division

Email here for additional TVP contact information.

Contacts | IISE Headquarters

Amy Straub, Membership Coordinator (general questions, distribution of newsletters, updates to website, certificates for annual conference)

Kathy Gamboa, Membership Director(annual awards)

Keith Albertson , Managing Editor, ISE magazine | Industrial Management magazine (short publications in IISE magazines regarding division activities, students, awards, etc.)