Design the Greatest Emergency Department - Applying Basic & Advanced Lean Healthcare Tools!

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Pre-conference Workshop

Matt Morrissette
More Effective Consulting, LLC.

New and experienced Lean Healthcare professionals will be challenged to break down silo's, communication barriers and eliminate waste to design and implement a multi-takt time Lean process for an emergency department. Conduct line balancing analysis, establish multiple takt times and implement more effective standard work while tripling throughput.

We will conduct an 8 hour workshop that has minimal or no Powerpoint and is almost entirely taught hands-on with three different simulation exercises. Most of this workshop has been conducted at the SHS conference two years in a row and to more than a hundred hospitals and thousands of healthcare professionals teaching basic and advanced Lean Healthcare principles. The entire workshop is taught like a Kaizen event so they go through the transformation from traditional to Lean while points along the way are mentioned about the methods and tenets of Kaizen.

The three simulation exercises will be an airplane factory, observing a short airplane gate changeover video, but primarily a popsicle stick patient process in the emergency department. Students will be tested throughout the day to identify waste, calculate cycle times and takt times, and conduct line balancing analysis. They will also have to create kanban's (IPK's), standard work and improved communication methods especially when code patients cause massive process variability. Students will learn human dynamics when silo's and standard communication methods are stressed. They will also challenge their senses and skills by observing and rationalizing what is truly value added by watching a 2 minute airplane video.