A four-arm framework to implement rapid response teams

The experience of Albert Einstein Healthcare Network


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Inpatient and Ancillary Services

Carlos Urrea, MD, MS
Patient Safety Project Manager
Albert Einstein Healthcare Network

Premraj Makkuni, MD
Chief Resident Internal Medicine
Albert Einstein Healthcare Network

Albert Einstein Healthcare Network of Philadelphia is implementing rapid response teams. As an academic center, there are unique challenges and opportunities to implement a crisis response system. The rapid response system is structured on a four-limb framework. The afferent arm involves the triggering system, the efferent arm involves the intervention system, the administrative and quality arms enable function, support, reflection, and quality improvement.

Participants will learn about this conceptual framework for implementation and appreciate how it can be adapted to institutions' unique environments. Relevant indicators to measure progress and success will be discussed, along with a RRT financial benefit calculator tool proposed by Johns Hopkins. In addition, participants will receive sample data collection tools and forms that Albert Einstein is currently using.

Afferent Arm: Premraj Makkuni, MD. Chief Resident Internal Medicine
Efferent Arm: Drew Cahill, RN, MBA. Nurse Manager Critical Care
Administrative Arm and Quality Arm: Carlos Urrea, MD, MS. Patient Safety Project Manager