Kevin McManus  

Performance by Kevin McManus

Artifacts of culture
In the movie "Office Space," the amount of flair worn on a work vest was a cultural indicator of company loyalty – not enough flair, what’s wrong with you? One could even argue that in some organizations, the manner in which one accessorizes is considered flair, and failing to accessorize accordingly could lead to a "countercultural" label and a blocked career path.

Paul Engle  

Management by Paul Engle

Saving the dogs
Many such businesses have been starved of needed capital and, more importantly, management talent. Consequently, they suffer from outdated product offerings and business processes. Applying basic business approaches such as focusing on customer needs, eliminating waste and managing resources have resulted in dramatic turnarounds.

Amanda Mewborn  

Health Systems by Amanda Mewborn

The mentorship difference
It’s amazing how a mentor can affect you and your career. We all have something to offer, and we all can benefit from improving ourselves through advice from a mentor. With healthcare reform, improving efficiency will be the only way healthcare organizations can survive. No profession is better suited for improving efficiency than industrial engineering. So why aren’t we finding more IEs in healthcare?

James A. Tompkins  

Supply Chain by James A. Tompkins

Defining an optimal supply chain
By integrating low total delivered cost, great customer service, innovation and speed, the role of supply chain and its leaders versus laggards will be vital. The integration of the past eight years will have supply chain professionals looking at more than the profitable growth of an organization; they will view success from the perspective of total organizational value creation.

Joe Michels  

Member Forum by Joe Michels

Take the final step
My August 2013 and November 2013 Industrial Engineer columns addressed professional engineering registration and the components of the Fundamentals of Engineering examination. Now let’s look at the Principles and Practice exam, the final step in becoming a licensed professional engineer.