#HSPI2024 Social Media Tips

As you prepare to attend the Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference 2024, we encourage you to share your thoughts about the conference, comment on speakers and sessions, and bring the topics you discuss during the conference to the online social media community. This is a great opportunity to learn from others outside of the session rooms and to network with fellow professionals within the industry.

Spread the word!

We encourage you to take time to share your content on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as well as other social media sites you regularly visit online. The content you post - whether it's simply tweets or short posts, photos, and/or video content - will be shared throughout the Society for Health Systems' social network and may also appear on the SHS and/or IISE websites or in an upcoming issue of ISE magazine.

Here are a few suggestions* to be aware of as you participate in social media activity tied to the conference:


  • Tweets about this year's conference should be tagged with #HSPI2024, so include the tag in your tweets.
  • You have 280 characters to write with per tweet (including links and tags), so do your best to describe your experience in a single post. But feel free to tweet as often as you like throughout the conference.
  • If you'd like for SHS or IISE to consider retweeting your post, then tag them directly by including @SHSinfo anywhere in the tweet (not necessary to include "please retweet" or "please RT" in the post).
  • Click here to find SHS on Twitter.


  • Post comments, photos and video on the SHS fan page.
  • Tag yourself, fellow attendees and the Society for Health Systems in any conference-related posts.
  • Click here to find SHS on Facebook.


  • LinkedIn does not have a photo or video display, but there are plenty of SHS group members eager to share and discuss the conference.
  • Like and comment on posts by other conference attendees.
  • Continue your session conversations on LinkedIn during and after the conference weekend.
  • Click here to find SHS on LinkedIn.


  • SHS will be sharing images taken during the Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference on the popular photo-sharing app.
  • If you will be using this app at the conference, then remember to tag @society_for_health_systems or include the tag #HSPI2024 in the comments/captions.
  • Click here to find SHS on Instagram.

*SHS and IISE will have the right to omit or delete any social media content that it finds may be objectionable to the community.