Student Chapters

An IISE student chapter is a group of student IISE members at a particular college or university that has an ISE degree program. Chapter officers are elected by the members and a chapter Faculty Advisor is appointed by the department.

Benefits of Participating in Your Student Chapter 

1. Meeting other ISE students and IISE professional members

Each chapter provides a learning and networking environment. The chapter creates opportunities for establishing contacts with other students, and often with professional members from the local professional chapter. Establishing relationships with other ISE students and professionals can build a network that can be invaluable throughout your career.

2. Programs and Events

Most chapters hold regular meetings which may include speakers, tours, hands-on instruction or social events.  Student chapters also participate in an annual University Region Conference, which brings together students from all the colleges and universities in the surrounding region for presentations, a paper competition, and other events.

3. Developing Leadership Skills

Serving as a chapter officer or participating on a committee is an excellent way to develop and strengthen your leadership and organizational skills. You can improve your skills in delegating, meeting facilitation and motivation, just to name a few.