Construction Division Mission Statement:

The Construction Division of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers advances the adoption of industrial engineering techniques in the construction industry through interdisciplinary research, collaboration, and partnership with related professional organizations, suppliers, and research organizations. The Construction Division promotes lean construction to eliminate waste and develops strategies to continuously improve construction competitiveness, value, safety, and stakeholder satisfaction. The Construction Division supports its members through continuing education, conferences, seminars, publications, and networking activities to advance their knowledge base and empower them to influence positive changes in the industry.

Purpose and Functions

  • Educate and inform the public on how ISEs can improve construction processes and products, resulting in greater cost-effectiveness, better quality, greater safety, and higher levels of customer satisfaction
  • Provide a forum for members to share information on the state-of-the-art construction practices, technologies, research and development (R & D) tools, techniques, and theories for improving construction productivity and quality
  • Develop a database or registry of members' areas of expertise to facilitate access by the membership at large or by other individuals and organizations
  • Promote and facilitate the continuing education of members and construction stakeholders
  • Plan and organize programs and conferences relating to the construction industry
  • Promote collaboration or partnership with other professional organizations and societies to advance the adoption of ISE participation in construction-related activities
  • Promote research, innovation, and technology development to improve productivity, product quality, environmental quality, and enhance human factors including safety and ergonomic impacts in construction industry practices
  • Support the mitigation of environmental impacts through sustainable construction research and development
  • Advance a national agenda in an advisory capacity to improve construction safety and reduce work-related injuries
  • Advance a national agenda in an advisory capacity to improve construction competitiveness, by supporting industry participation in recognized quality award programs
  • Contribute to the Institute’s educational offerings and publications. Participate in soliciting/selecting names for the Institute’s honors and awards process
  • Maintain a resource database for members, including information about national and international organizations involved in construction research and development, publications including academic journals, as well as funding opportunities for research and professional development